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Mini Implants

Mini Implants in Odessa / Lutz, FL

If you are looking for an option to replace your missing teeth, then mini implants can be a great choice. This one comes without any invasive surgery and has been availed by many people around the world. If you are looking out for the best dental clinic where you can get mini-implants, then visit us at Bliss Dental. Here, Dr. Sheetal will assist you to get on your mini-implants with her 15 years of experience. Our clinics are located in Odessa, FL, and Lutz, FL.

Mini-implants come with the same structure as that of the mini-implants, but they are slightly smaller in size. They are capable of supporting all types of replacement teeth. It can also secure a low arch and loose dentures. The mini-implants are made up of a titanium post with a ball at the end. It also has a socket that consists of a rubber O-ring which helps in attaching the teeth to the post.

If you are looking for mini implants in Odessa, Florida, please call our dental office at (813)-995-6178 to schedule your dental appointment.  

Advantages of mini implants

There are many benefits when you decide to avail for the mini-implants:

  • You will not need to undergo the complicated flap surgery
  • This is a less invasive procedure which means the healing time is also quite less
  • You would not need to undergo bone grafting
  • The procedure and the healing period will give you lesser discomfort
  • The treatment comes with fewer complications

If you have missing teeth and want to undergo the mini-implant treatment, then contact us at Bliss Dental Lounge. We have many other options to help you with your dental problems.

To schedule your appointment with Bliss Dental Lounge,

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