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Bridges in Odessa / Lutz, FL

Dental bridges basically help in restoring your bite and keep the natural shape of your teeth. If you want to get the best quality dental bridge for your teeth, then contact us at Bliss Dental Lounge. Our dental expert Dr. Sheetal has been working as a dental expert for 15 years now. She will make sure that you get the best treatment options living in  Odessa / Lutz, Florida.

Many times it happens that your lost teeth could not be replaced. Living without your teeth will not only make your face look older but it can eventually erode your jawbones. Missing teeth can also cause the positioning of your teeth to shift. This can affect your bite and as a result, your teeth and jaws will end up getting more stressed. Also, when your teeth are not properly aligned, you will not be able to clean them properly and this can cause cavities. Dental bridges can help you to overcome these problems.

If you are looking for good quality dental bridges in Odessa, Florida, please call our dental office at (813)-995-6178 to schedule your appointment. 

Caring for your bridge

Once the process of dental bridge application is completed, our dentist will give you tips so that you can take proper care of the same. Some effective tips to care for your bridge are:

  • You will need to brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day to remove plaque. Make sure to clean under the bridge.
  • Visit your dentist once every six months to ensure the condition of the bridge and your dental health.
  • Make sure to eat healthy food. Avoid sweet and sticky food as much as you can.

If you want a solution for your missing teeth, then do not delay and contact us at Bliss Dental Lounge immediately. We also offer many other cosmetic dental services.

To schedule your appointment with Bliss Dental Lounge,

please call our dental office at 8139956178.
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