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Family Dentistry for all ages

General & Family Dentistry in Odessa, FL 

Taking care of your family’s dental problems is now very easy if you are living in Odessa, FL, or Lutz, FL. At Bliss Dental, you will get the best general dentistry services. Our Lutz family dentist, Dr. Sheetal has treated hundreds of patients with complex dental problems in the last 15 years and she will also help you to maintain good oral health. From identifying cavities in your teeth to offering you teeth whitening services, we offer a wide variety of services to cater to your dental needs.

Routine and Preventive Dental Care is the key to maintaining optimal dental health for your whole family. Regular check-ups help in the early detection of dental issues and treat them with conservative options before they become bigger and get more expensive if left untreated. American Dental Association recommends you see a dentist every 6 months to keep your smile healthy.

Some preventive dentistry measures

Let us now discuss some of the preventive dentistry options available here at Bliss Dental,

Teeth Cleaning: maintaining regular oral hygiene ensures your teeth are free from plaque and bacteria. But going for clinical teeth cleaning sessions is very important. It will make sure that your oral conditions are absolutely healthy.

Fluoride treatment: Fluoride has many benefits on your teeth. It makes your teeth no only strong but also prevents cavities. It also supports the presence of healthy enamel on your teeth.

Sealants: It is a thin protective coating that is adhered to the chewing surface of your back teeth. Sealants along with proper oral hygiene routine will keep away cavity formation and prevent decay at an early stage.

Tooth-colored fillings: It not only would help you to keep your teeth healthy but will leave your aesthetics un-hampered. These are basically made up of composite resins and they help in strengthening your teeth.

Root Canal Therapy: Painful toothaches are a sign of infection, Root Canal Treatment can get you out of pain and save the tooth from further damage. Our office is equipped with modern technology that makes root canal procedures more comfortable and often requires no more than one or two visits.

Deep cleaning: This consists of scaling and root planing. If your gums bleed when you brush or floss, or if your gums are swollen and receding, these are signs that you may have periodontal disease. With early treatment, we can prevent possible pain, bleeding gums, and tooth loss. Periodontal disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults and should always be promptly treated.

Extractions: Broken, decaying, and cracked teeth that are non-tolerable need to be extracted to prevent infection and pain. Once your tooth is extracted, Bliss Dental Lounge offers restorative solutions to fill the gap that is left behind.

If you need any of the above treatments or if your regular dental check-up is due, then please give us a call at (813)-995-6178 today to book your appointment.

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