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Dental Implants in Odessa / Lutz, FL

If you have missing teeth, then dental implants can work as a good replacement. This is basically a surgical fixture placed in the jawbones to hold the implants in place. If you want a long-lasting and durable solution for your missing teeth, then contact us at Bliss Dental. We have experts like Dr. Sheetal here, who will conduct a thorough check-up in your mouth and then will decide the perfect treatment for your conditions. Missing tooth not only causes functional problems, but it also hampers your aesthetics. So do not delay the problem and contact us at our clinics located in Odessa, FL, and Lutz, FL.

The dental implants get fused with your jawbones in a few months. This proves to be a strong base to support your teeth. You would now not have to worry about implant shifts or slips inside your mouth. You will feel really comfortable wearing them. Also, your adjacent teeth will not be disturbed in order to hold the implant in place. You can do all of your oral activities normally, without any discomfort wearing the implants. They are easy to clean and maintain too.

If you are looking for dental implants t in Odessa, Florida, please call our dental office at (813)-995-6178 to schedule your appointment. 

Types of dental implants

There are basically two types of dental implants:

  • Endosteal implants: These are surgically implanted directly into your jawbones. After the surgery site has healed after a few months, a second surgery is done to connect a post to the original implant. Finally, artificial teeth are attached to the post.
  • Subperiosteal implants: It consists of metal frames that are fitted just below the gum tissues into the jawbones. The frame gets fixed to the jawbones as the gum starts to heal. Here too, artificial teeth are then mounted to the post.

If you have missing teeth and want a long term solution for it, then contact us at Bliss Dental Lounge. We make sure that you will get the best dental treatment at your comfort.

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